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lindang56 Apr 15

How to get music for your Ipod is among the initial concerns every Ipod owner asks. Ipods are ridiculously popular Cheap Bobby Cox Jersey , and the more owners there are it seems such as the much more individuals there are looking for ipod music downloads. I’ve place some tips together to help you find some cool sources of music.

How you can Get Music For your Ipod-1-Your own CDs The first place to start with your Ipod is obviously your personal CD collection. You can very effortlessly download your CDs onto your Ipod utilizing Itunes along with your computer. This really is probably the very first factor most Ipod owners do. If you’re unaware of it, just get yourself a copy of Itunes, connect your pod to your computer and Itunes will explain how you can do the rest. It is extremely easy and it enables you to make all various playlists etc. The only issue with this particular because it can be time consuming. Many people very appreciate it, but personally I can’t actually watch for it to become completed.

How to Get Music For your Ipod-2-From Itunes Staying along the lines of Itunes, if you have an internet connection Cheap Dale Murphy Jersey , you are able to purchase songs directly from Itunes and they will be saved on your computer ready for downloading to your Ipod. This is a very awesome way to get music, since you do not end up with albums with only 2 or three songs on that you like. You can purchase the songs individually so that you can make up your own sequence etc. As I stated, this really is superb simply because it’s cool to be able to find that 1 song you’ve been looking for permanently etc-the only downside will be the price. The price of itunes quickly adds up, as you spend for every tune so the more you obtain the much more you spend. It is ridiculously easy to spend a lot of money more than time.

" Public transport enthusiast Wang Zhewei with a city map on which he’s marked the bus routes he has taken. — Natalie Ma

IT’S fair to say that Shanghai’s Metro system is pretty comprehensive, its 14 lines (and counting) stretching out in all directions deep into the city’s suburban districts Cheap Babe Ruth Jersey , carrying residents to and from the city center.

However, the network has its shortcomings, particularly for passengers who want to travel between two suburban areas.

Often that entails heading into town, changing line and then returning back out again, with all the associated hassles and time wasted.

But fear not frustrated travelers Cheap Dansby Swanson Jersey , for a mathematics teacher and amateur map maker has now produced his own Metro map — complete with 60 bus routes connecting stations on different lines.

“This map is based on my personal experience,” said Wang Zhewei, who teaches at Shanghai Yucai High School.

He freely admits that it is not a definitive effort and welcomes corrections and suggestions.

“The routes I marked out are not complete. The idea was to cast out a brick and attract a piece of jade.”

Wang has already received a number of corrections and suggestions and may produce an improved version of the map.

The 31-year-old public transport enthusiast has traveled all the bus routes he marked out. In fact, Wang admits, he has taken a ride on almost all the 1 Cheap Freddie Freeman Jersey ,300 plus bus routes in Shanghai over the past few years.

“Taking a bus ride and exploring new routes started as a hobby, but has now become a lifestyle for me,” Wang told Shanghai Daily.

Wang has been spending his spare time traveling the city Metro and bus network since 2010, armed with a transport card and a city map.

During his bus rides, Wang takes copious notes Cheap Hank Aaron Jersey , marking down the specific location of every stop on every route for future use.

He estimates that he spends around 200 yuan (US$32) a month exploring Shanghai by public transport.

Sometimes, Wang plans routes in advance, while on other occasions he’ll just get on a bus and see where it takes him.

“After all, there’s always a way to get back,” Wang said.

The fruit of his labors was recently posted on social networking website Cheap Greg Maddux Jersey , renren and has received positive feedback.

“I didn’t even think of an official name for the map,” Wang admitted.

“Some people regard it as a ‘bus patch’ for the Shanghai Metro network.”

As an example of how the map works, Jiading District residents wanting to go to Shanghai University in Baoshan District might think of taking the Metro, as both the starting point and destination are close to Metro stations.

By Metro this entails: take a Line 11 train at Jiading Xincheng to Caoyang Road and transfer to Line 3 or 4; take Line 3 or Line 4 to Zhenping Road Station and transfer to Line 7; then take Line 7 to Shanghai University Station.

The 20-stop trip — taking in Jiading, Putuo and Baoshan districts Cheap John Smoltz Jersey , plus a walk on the final stretch — takes around 90 minutes.

But Wang’s map shows that the Jiaguang Line bus connects Line 11’s Malu Station in Jiading to Line 7 Shanghai University Station, a total trip of 1 hour 20 minutes.

And the fastest route — at one hour — is to take a Line 11 train for five stops to Qilianshan Road Station and then change to either bus 744 or 727 to reach the university.

And even when the bus is not the quickest option, Wang urges travelers to still get onboard, chill out and enjoy the view.

“Metro rides are fast, but can sometimes be boring as there’s no view Cheap Braves Hats ,” said Wang.

“On the bus you can always look at what’s going on outside, and that’s why I always feel relaxed when I take a bus — even when it means more time spent on the journey.

“We need to slow down our pace of life sometimes or we’ll miss all the beauty around us,” said Wang.

Different experience

While Wang is currently spending his summer vacation on a post graduate course in East China Normal University, he has not neglected his hobby.

He has discovered 30 different routes w. Cheap Jerseys China   Cheap NBA Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping   Cheap College Jerseys Wholesale   Cheap MLB Jerseys From China   Cheap NHL Jerseys From China   Cheap NFL Jerseys From China   Cheap NBA Basketball Jerseys   Cheap Nike Air Vapormax Pink   Cheap Air Vapormax Womens