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momu327 Dec 27 '18
Flame laminating machine for garments or textile
This type of flame lamination machine is widely used in garments industry, for example textile laminated with foam, sponge laminated with fabric, EVA laminated with fabric, fabric laminated with foam, sponge laminated with leather, nonwoven laminated with PVC, nonwoven laminated with cloth, foam laminated with TPU film, leather laminated with foam, etc.

Technical parameters:
Model Number: XH-HY-056
Heat source: industrial use of electricity
Width of roll: 2100mm (can be customized)
Width of finished product: 1900mm (can be customized)
Mechanical speed: 20-45 m/min
Installed capacity: about 10KVA
Dimensions: 13000X2500X2200mm
Please kindly note: Above is our standard parameter, we can customize machine according to client's requirement. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Gas type: Natural Gas or Liquefied Gas
1. Advanced PLC, touch-screen and servo motor control can achieve good effect of synchronization. The no-tension feeding of materials can achieve high work efficiency. The surface of sponge is burned evenly and stably and will not deform or stretch.
2. Use sponge itself or hot melt sponge as the adhesive for two layers of materials. It’s especially suitable for compounding lint, suede fabric. This machine can get products good uniformity, comfortable handle, resistance to water washing and dry cleaning.
3. The double burners can burn at the same time to laminate 3 layers at once. It is suitable for the production of large quantity.
4. The laminated products have advantages of good overall performance, good hand-feel, being highly washable and dry washing.
5. It is equipped with automatic cloth-extending device, automatic material feeding device, automatic edge checking device, automatic tension control system.
6. It is an ideal machine for volume-producing. The suspension type refrigeration system with constant tension ensures a better quality of compound products.

1. Textile + foam
2. Sponge + Fabric
3. EVA + Fabric
4. Fabric + Foam
5. Sponge + leather
6. Nonwoven + PVC
7. Nonwoven + Cloth
8. Foam + TPU film
9. Leather + foam

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