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momu327 Dec 27 '18
Printable PVA Film
Printable PVA film features.
1)Environmental protection.
Printable PVA plastic film is an environmental product material. It can be degraded into carbon dioxide and water by bacteria in the soil.
2) Water solubility.
The water solubility of Printable PVA film is related to the thickness of Printable PVA film and the temperature of water. Detailed datas as below:
TypeSolubility temperatureSolubility starting time(second)Solubility finish time(second)
Low temp type(C type)15℃30(s)200(s)
Mi- temp type(M type)45℃18(s)180(s)
High temp type(H type)65℃18(s)180(s)
Super high temp type(E type)80℃12(s)150(s)
3) Printing performance.
Printable PVA film has a powerful porlarization, can be printed on it very easily.
4) Strength and weatherability.
Printable PVA plastic film has a good strength and weatherability, its biaxial tensile strength is superior, and the resistance to zigzag is as high as 10 times to other plastic film.China PVA Film