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520tipa Nov 15 '18
Titanium-plated diamond is mainly used for the manufacture of metal binder sintering process tools.
With the development of science and technology, the use of Ti coated diamond diamond wire cut sapphire wafer manufacturing more widely used.
Adopting advanced composite plating process, the product has dense coating and high grinding ability;
Increase the holding force between the abrasives and the bond between the abrasives and reduce the diamond particles from the substrate;
The heat dissipation capability is high, and the thermal shock is slowed down so that the diamond can be carbonized from the impact of the instantaneous high temperature;
In high temperature sintering and high temperature grinding, the coating plays a protective role on the diamond, preventing diamond carbonization, oxidation and so on;
Self sharpening, can maintain good grinding efficiency and service life.
It can improve the electrical conductivity and chemical properties of diamond.

Ti coated diamond
30/35 35/40 40/45 45/50 50/60 60/70 70/80 80/100 100/120
120/140 140/170 170/200 200/230 230/270 270/325 325/400 400/500
Titanium-plated diamond is coated with a titanium carbide coating on the diamond surface. During high-temperature sintering and high-temperature grinding, the coating plays a role in isolating the diamond, imitating diamond carbonization and oxidation, protecting the diamond performance, and reducing the loss of diamond from the substrate. , can maintain a good grinding efficiency and service life,

Plated diamond, also known as diamond coated or plated diamond, the diamond surface is coated with a layer of metal diamond gives many new features, in order to improve the diamond and matrix interfacial bonding ability, holding force and strength, reduce the thermal shock, protection against oxidation and graphitization of diamond, reduce the degree of thermal damage of diamond. To extend the service life of the product. The metal is nickel and titanium and alloy plating method commonly used ordinary plating and electroless plating two, weight method is usually 30% and 56%, in addition, can also according to the actual situation and the requirements of customers customized. General for nickel plated diamond and diamond coated diamond.
 Coated Diamond Powder in stock